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Our Story

Our Story

a black and white photo of fatburger workers behind the ordering desk

After 70 years, it’s still good to be Fat.

Back in 1947, the incomparable Lovie Yancey started the business with her husband: a three-stool hamburger stand called Mr. Fatburger. But in 1952, they split. Ever persistent, she dropped “Mr.” from the namesake, and Fatburger became her own. She worked 18-hour days and made Fatburger into an icon; with celebrities frequenting The Last Great Hamburger Stand, we started our journey to becoming a household name.

“The name of the store was my idea, I wanted to get across the idea of a big burger with everything on it ...a meal in itself.”
a black and white photo of Lovie Yancey, the Fatburger founder
Lovie Yancey
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The Last great Hamburger Stand

A lot has changed since the ’50s, but Fatburger remained the same. It’s the place where customers of all creeds come together to enjoy that same great-tasting burger, made with love from Lovie Yancey’s timeless recipe: a big fat patty that, when doubled, tripled, or quadrupled, makes for a Fatburger. Plus, our stores are clean and bright with a distinctly nostalgic vibe, and we’re always playing great music. It’s what Lovie Yancey would’ve wanted.

a photo of a fatburger, fries, drink, and to go bag
The Fatburger

The Fatburger Legacy

It’s hard to keep things simple, but that’s the Fatburger way. We pursue the same standard of excellence Lovie Yancey did back in the day, making each Fatburger with the freshest quality ingredients, handcrafted to absolute perfection. And it’s not just the Fatburger. Our milkshakes feature hand-scooped, premium ice cream. Our Fat Fries are thick cut and fried to a shimmering, golden brown. Visit us, and you’ll agree: After 70 years, it’s still good to be Fat.

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